Power Pack Show £500 

Fireworks have a reputation for being an expensive luxury, this package puts a professional display within reach of everybody!

Fireworks no longer need to be the first expensive luxury to be struck off the list. This entry-level package puts a professional firework display within reach of everybody. The display has a duration of up to three minutes and is fired from a single firing position. The display kicks off with an opening array of bright comets fanned out followed by a trident of coloured glitter tails. The body of the display contains a variety of mixed effects before fanned bursts of coloured breaks indicate the finale is approaching. All of a sudden multiple volleys of aerial shells erupt before a final lift of silky long lasting golden rain shells, creating...





The price includes a site visit prior to the display, crew to setup and fire the show and free travel up to 25 miles from our base location in Oxfordshire. The crew will tidy the site and dispose of the spent fireworks. Illusion Fireworks are able to maintain the quality and impact in this special package by reducing the duration of the display. The display is also fired from a single position meaning the budget is not spread across multiple firing sites. All in all this is a fantastic package that will not fail to impress you or your guests!


A Sky Full of Magic!


All inclusive price of

Note: Contents subject to change due to availability, venue restrictions, safety distances and weather conditions. If we substitute an effect, we always use an alternative of equal or greater value. Due to occasional variations with individual fireworks which are outside of our control, all durations are approximate.

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