Wedding Fireworks Extra's

Make your bespoke wedding fireworks display even more special by adding one of our optional extra's!

Big Red Button

A large novelty BIG RED button, connected to our firing system. Allows the Bride or Groom to start the firework display after a countdown from the guests!


Heart and Initials

The special couples initals either side of a red love heart, once lit burns for 60 seconds, usully lit at the beginning of the display.


BIG Shell

One VERY large single shell, these large calibre units are enormous (ten inches in diameter) mind blowing! *Subject to adequate safety distances.


Heart Shells

"Must be love, love love..." Two volleys of three Red heart shape aerial shells (six in total) fired high into the sky!


Special Willow

A single large golden willow shell, climbs high and fills the sky! We recommend three fired at once in a tridant for maximim impact - simply stunning!


100 Sparklers

100 large gold sparklers to share among your guests.


Smiley Shells

"Because i'm happy..." Two volleys of three Smiling Face aerial shells (six in total) fired high into the sky!


Titanium Bangs

Titanium salute shells are the loudest firework effect available, a volley of 10 earth shattering bangs to end your spectacular display!


Ultimate Finale

Illusion Fireworks have a reputation for its very impressive finale sequences, we will literally DOUBLE the amount of fireworks at the end of your display!


Firewriting - spell it out for your guests...

Illusion Fireworks are able to re-create letters and simple shapes in a variety of colours using fireworks. Known as lancework, each letter stands around thirty inches tall and is mounted to a frame. The lancework once lit will burn for sixty seconds. The charge for this service is £15 per letter. SImple shapes or logos can be discussed after we have seen a sketch.


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